Large or small organisation, or individual learning provider - we can get your learning online, or work in partnership with you..

SCRS Neteducate specialise in e-learning/online learning and particular focus on platform development, digital marketing, etc.. We work together with partners/clients, to put their existing course material online using a Moodle platform. This enables them to sell their courses online 24/7, mostly without human intervention. The result is a professional online learning platform with e-commerce functionality, for immediate global reach that mostly looks after itself. Your client base expands globally with almost immediate effect and therefore, so does your sales potential.

Moodle is an open source platform and enjoys a massive market share globally: . SCRS Neteducate have extensive expertise in both education (instructional design, e-learning, education, accreditation process, course development, skills- and professional development), and technology infrastructure (web- and web platform development, management, hosting, customisation, digital marketing, SEO, etc.). 

Some of our clients also sell SETA accredited courses and offer the learning units as ‘skills’ courses, with the option for learners to get certified as an additional option. On completion of the learning unit online (which includes full formative assessment), learners may contact the training provider to arrange to do the summative and full portfolio for an additional fee, if they wish to be certified. Without facilitator intervention and administration, the online options are considerably cheaper for the learner, and the provider benefits through increased revenue and profits. 

We have different models in terms of such ventures:

  • Platform and training only: Some clients simply want a platform developed and branded, and the training on how to use it (add and manage courses/course materials online) for a fixed fee; or,
  • We work in partnership: we set up, brand, manage and maintain the platform, courses and material at no cost to you. We support you in creating and loading courses online, and do the marketing and digital marketing together with you, but take a percentage of the sales generated on the platform.  
  • If you only have a few courses that you want sell or make available to staff without owning a platform, we can present your courses on one of our existing platforms.

The global online learning market is growing at around 9.2% per annum and will reach $107-billion in 2015 - see - The time to get a share of this market is now. 

If this interests you, kindly contact us to discuss the prospects and possibilities with you further. We would like to hear from you to explore ways in which we can work together!