SCRS specialise in the following areas:

  • Online training and platform development, hosting & management. We can develop and host your own full online Learning Management System; help/advise you to: develop and customise your training material; convert your existing contact training material to elearning, and publish it online for your staff or public/commercial use. The platform will allow you to assign training programmes to staff as required, and to maintain and manage your own corporate learning effectively and efficiently with considerable savings and national/global reach. Alternatively, you can host your training courses on one of our existing platforms which we will manage and maintain for you.
  • Courseware and training courses: We have a large collection of more than 200 courses for contact training or online learning 
  • Professional development & training solutions. We can support your staff development processes and practices partially or fully. We have expertise in a wide variety of services, including course development, training facilitation, development of training materials and assessment of learning.
  • Custom web platform development 
  • Web development and digital marketing solutions: (web design & development, SEO, graphic design, branding, mobile apps, etc.)
  • Provision of e-learning: large collection of e-learning courses available for professional development
  • Magazines and publications. Commercial or corporate magazine publications - e-magazines and/or in printed format. We will use your content and produce and publish your magazine/s for you. 
  • Courseware content development and publication: as elearning and/or in printed format. We can use your own or we will provide and/or develop the content for you.
  • Custom online testing and assessment: affordable and quick, effective testing online to help determine which learning programmes are most suitable to enroll your employees. Custom tests are developed for specific learning units & courses - delivered and taken online by candidates.
  • Academic programme development & accreditation (higher education qualifications). We have considerable expertise in this area with an accreditation success rate of 94%. Depending on your specific needs, we can assist you with the design and development of your HE qualifications, provide full support throughout the application and submission to CHE & SAQA, and/or conduct workshops with your staff to guide them through any part of the process.
  • Higher education management consulting. We can support or guide your processes for effective institutional governance

 Contact us to discuss custom solutions for your business.



We are always open to discuss partnership proposals in any area that we are able to support and add value.

In particular, we offer partnerships where we provide a full online LMS for partners, populate it with online learning content and payment gateway - in short, we provide our partner with a commercial elearning platform with a global market from where you can sell training. Contact us for more information.

SCRS NetEducate have considerable expertise in information technology and education, including: instructional design, e-learning, education, accreditation process, course development, skills- and professional development; technology infrastructure (web- and web platform development, management, hosting, customisation, digital marketing, SEO, etc..

We prefer working in partnership with clients on development projects, rather than simply designing, developing and deploying systems. This helps to ensure that we meet client-specific needs and ensures optimum and practical use of the services and functionality provided by modern CMSs (Content Management Systems), but also to position them to take full control of the system on conclusion of the project. 



Course Material

We offer cost-effective course material solutions. Course material is made available to partners at a reduced fee - as printed material and/or online learning content for blended learning. We are able to customise material at relatively short notice to suit clients' needs specifically.  Our catalogue includes material for the following courses - please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Download the latest catalogue here... 

Learning Management Systems

Present your corporate training online | offer your existing learning online and receive an income (your LMS pays for itself)

We can provide your organisation with a customised system that will:

  • Enable you to offer your own in-house eLearning as self-study / blended learning / facilitated learning;
  • Eliminate the need to outsource the management and administration of your organisation’s training and development;
  • No license- or software fees;
  • Effectively and easily manage your organisation’s training and development activities – both internal and outsourced training;
  • Keep track of your Skills Development  

We offer flexible tailor-made solutions to meet your specific needs. We will provide you with an open source Learning Management System (LMS) designed around your specific needs, branded and customised for you, and we will provide the training and support to enable your staff to take full control of the system over a period of 6 – 12 months (or even within a few weeks). Alternatively, we can manage and administer all aspects of your organisational training and development for you, using your own LMS. 

Your LMS will be able you to schedule courses, workshops, and development activities as you go, and the system will automatically remind participants, managers, facilitators, assessors via email. You will be able to report on training and development engagement activities as needed. The system is able to host and deliver e-learning, self-study courses and schedule facilitated internal and external (outsourced) training events. 

Large or small organisation, or individual learning provider - we can get your learning online, or work in partnership with you..

Our LMS enables clients to sell their courses online 24/7, mostly without human intervention. The result is a professional online learning platform with e-commerce functionality, for immediate global reach that mostly looks after itself. Your client base expands globally with almost immediate effect and therefore, so does your sales potential.

Some of our clients also sell SETA accredited courses and offer the learning units as ‘skills’ courses, with the option for learners to get certified as an additional option. On completion of the learning unit online (which includes full formative assessment), learners may contact the training provider to arrange to do the summative and full portfolio for an additional fee, if they wish to be certified. Without facilitator intervention and administration, the online options are cost effective for the learner, and the provider benefits through increased revenue and profits. 

Different models are available, for example:

  • Platform and training only: Some clients simply want a platform developed and branded, and the training on how to use it (add and manage courses/course materials online) for a fixed fee; or,
  • We work in partnership: we set up, brand, manage and maintain the platform, courses and material at no cost to you. We support you in creating and loading courses online, and do the marketing and digital marketing together with you, but take a percentage of the sales generated on the platform.  
  • If you only have a few courses that you want sell or make available to staff without owning a platform, we can present your courses on one of our existing platforms.

The global online learning market is growing at around 9.2% per annum and will reach $107-billion in 2015 - see -http://elearningindustry.com/elearning-statistics-and-facts-for-2015. The time to get a share of this market is now. 

If this interests you, kindly contact us to discuss the prospects and possibilities with you further. We would like to hear from you to explore ways in which we can work together!

We can even populate your LMS with a selection of courses on a rental basis (we have a huge range of courses available for this purpose), depending on your needs. We will also share our e-learning expertise with you to enable you to convert your existing paper-based training material to effective and engaging e-learning, published and offered on your own online platform. 

There are no license fees payable per user or the platform at all. You will own, manage and maintain your own platform and in this way, receive maximum ROI on your investment.

General System Features

  • Modern, easy to use interface - Responsive and accessible and easy to navigate on both desktop and mobile devices. 
  • Personalised Dashboard - Organise and display courses and view current tasks and messages. 
  • Collaborative tools and activities - Work and learn using forums, wikis, glossaries, and a range of learning inter-activities. 
  • Events calendar - The calendar tool helps you keep track of all training and development events and activities. 
  • Convenient file management - Drag and drop files ability to easily upload and organise learning content and material. 
  • Online text editor - Format text online and add media or images with an editor that is compatible with all web browsers and devices. 
  • Notifications - Enable notifications to automatically alert and remind learners new assignments and deadlines and other inter-activities. 
  • Track progress - Track the progress of individual learning engagements or on course level.

 Administrative Features

  • Customisable look and feel - We will customise the look and feel of your platform with your own branding and preferences. 
  • Secure authentication and mass enrollment - Many different options are available to upload, authenticate and enroll your learners into different courses. 
  • Course creation and easy backup - We will guide you how to add courses easily and we will setup automated backup processes. 
  • Custom user roles and permissions - We will work with you to specify the roles and privileges of various users. 
  • Customise and add functions and features with plugins - We will work with you to identify and install plugins for added functionality to meet your specific needs. 
  • Regular platform updates - We will keep your platform up to date with regular security and functional updates as they are released. 
  • Detailed reporting and logs - Generate reports on activity and participation at course and site level.

 Course Development and Management Features

  • Engaged and collaborative learning - Incorporated collaborative publishing features facilitate engagement and encourage content-driven collaboration. 
  • Multimedia Integration for media-rich content - Built-in media support allows easy insertion of video and audio files in courses. 
  • Group management - Group learners to share courses, differentiate activities and facilitate team work. 
  • Integrated Badges - Customised badges motivate learners and reward participation and achievement. 
  • Security and privacy - Teach and share in a private online space only you and your staff can access.